Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Looking up

This is a quickie post, for I promised a friend I will blog when we would hangout next.

I've been very inspired, and not thought of what I should do. This means a lot. I've been inspired by almost everyone I've maintained a decent enough relationship with. Its good, but also bad. I can tell you why it doesn't work for me.
A. I put the person up on a pedestal and do not give that person any room for mistakes. But why? Its human to make mistakes. We learn and grow only when we make mistakes, so why can't the people whom I've put up on a pedestal make mistakes. When they do, I label them as bad (not always, but a lot of times). Its unfair to them.
B. The amount of time and thought I put in to being inspired can be better used to charting out my own path. If I think about it with enough clarity and trust myself, I wouldn't be so confused and wouldn't have to keep looking up... to someone for inspiration or for help.