Monday, July 27, 2009

patience inside a blackhole (part 1)

Since... well there is no apparent end to a black hole once someone is inside it so... one must possibly have an infinite amount of time to introspect inside it.

Patience really isn't the abitility to do things slowly so that the end result is better than it would have been if the process would've been faster. Patience actually is about accepting the fact that certain processes in this world/universe will take their own time... to well process stuff. Like a mango tree will not grow until say 3-4 years after its seed has been planted, similarly, certain things require time. And this I have realised by working at NPL. We simply can't control (all) things around us. When a ceramic pellet, topped with silver paste is kept in a furnace, it will take 4 hours for the oxides to burn out at 650 degrees celsius and the surface of silver to smoothen out. Maybe there's a way to reduce this time, but the fact remains, that it will take time. You cannot do anything about that.